Learn data skills with friends using the internet’s best resources.

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  • Have someone passionate about data and education technology (me) find the best resources and combine them into a coherent curriculum.
  • Build a community of learners eager to break into data science and help them flourish together.

Curated by David Venturi for the Not a Real Degree community

datascience.notarealdegree.com 🎒

A curriculum developer’s guide to learning Bitcoin in 2021

You can store bitcoin on this lil guy.
  • Introduction to Bitcoin
  • Skin in the game & off the exchange
  • What is money?
  • Choose your own adventure
  • I’m still having doubts
  • Improve your…

Getting organized and starting your first course

datascience.notarealdegree.com 🎒

Create your own copy of the curriculum

  • Go to the curriculum’s Airtable base
  • Click “Copy base” in the top right corner

History of Crayola Colors by Stephen Wagner via Tableau Public.

Photo by Quinlan Pfiffer

Wooden Robot by Kaboompics

Here are four examples of using artificial intelligence to combat mental health issues

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Tess, a psychological AI that communicates via text

Data visualization by Alanah Ryding

David Venturi

Curating the internet’s best data science program.

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