Why you might want to own some bitcoin (and how to do it responsibly)

A curriculum developer’s guide to learning Bitcoin in 2021

You can store bitcoin on this lil guy.

Introduction to Bitcoin

Skin in the game & off the exchange

A reminder of the basics (5 minutes)

Get a wallet (15 minutes)

Buy some bitcoin and withdraw it to your wallet (30 minutes)

The Receive button displayed in the Casa Wallet.

What is money?

What is money? Magic Internet Money answers that question in the context of Bitcoin as it relates to cryptography, economics, finance, governance, and more.

Choose your own adventure

Bitcoin is different things to different people.




Price projections


Law & Politics

I’m still having doubts

I’m not sure if I want to buy more bitcoin

I want more bitcoin, but I’m not confident I can store it safely

Improve your self-custody setup

Practice with testnet

How you’ll feel the instant you send your first meaningful amount of BTC without practicing.

Buy more bitcoin

I tell my clients to do their own homework (from my research and others) and risk manage their position size relative to their level of conviction and unique financial needs/goals.

Upgrade your opsec

Join the community

Next steps

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