Hey Alexandru, thanks! I’m excited.

My recommendation process for this guide leans on rating and review data, plus course descriptions and syllabi, since it is infeasible for me to complete or even try the majority of every course. I’ll try to address your concerns:

  • Regarding the no reviews thing, I only recommend those courses in special cases. For example, when the course looks good and there aren’t many competing courses (e.g. Big Data University’s intro to data science course) and in the DataCamp/ggplot2 case, when Hadley Wickham, noted R wizard and creator of ggplot2 (!), recommends it.
  • For the DataCamp over Dataquest Python choice, DataCamp’s Track had a 4.64-star rating over 14 reviews, which is really good. So good, that when combined with the facts that only one (rather than the usual three) recommendation for the smaller subjects was required for this article and that I have enjoyed DataCamp’s product in the past, that I didn’t even test Dataquest’s Python content. No amount of my enjoyment could overcome a 4.64-star rating over 14 reviews. It is probably very good — I have noted Dataquest’s Python potential previously (see “The alternatives”). If there was a top three for Python courses, Dataquest’s offering would be included simply because the code-heavy style, like DataCamp’s, is effective for learning the syntax of a language.
  • DataCamp’s K-Nearest Neighbors content was included in my machine learning article, but not recommended.
  • The preferential treatment accusation is unfair. The discussion about Class Central’s current primary focus for courses (video-based free online courses taught by universities) in the email exchange with Dataquest’s point of contact, which may not have been mentioned in Dataquest’s Slack channel, is still valid. There are only two DataCamp courses on Class Central. The addition of those was a one-off because I included them in my intro to programming guide and Class Central thought they might expand to include these types of courses. They decided not to for now, but that may change in the future. (Side note: Class Central doesn’t even list courses from Free Code Camp, the publication hosting this article.)

Let me know if you have any other questions. I promise you there is no malicious intent here, on my part or on Class Central’s.

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