How AI is changing mental health care

Here are four examples of using artificial intelligence to combat mental health issues

Tess, a psychological AI that communicates via text

Use cases for Tess

Using Instagram photos to diagnose depression

The right photo, which was more likely to be posted by a depressed participant, has more blues, grays, and is darker than the left photo. These photos were included in the study mentioned below.

Detecting speech patterns in psychiatric interviews

IBM Research is using transcripts and audio from psychiatric interviews, coupled with machine learning techniques, to find patterns in speech to help clinicians accurately predict and monitor psychosis, schizophrenia, mania, and depression. Today, it only takes them about 300 words to help clinicians predict the probability of psychosis in a user.

Using computer vision to diagnose ADHD in children

Scientists at the University of Texas at Arlington and Yale University are combining computing power and psychiatric expertise to diagnose ADHD in children. They use the latest in computer vision and machine learning to assess children while they are performing certain physical and computer exercises. The exercises test a child’s attention, decision-making, and ability to manage emotions.

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