Want to learn data analytics in 2023? This is the internet’s best curriculum.

Curated by David Venturi for the Data Maverick community

David Venturi
7 min readFeb 20


In this article, I outline the 90 hours of the internet’s best data analytics courses, articles, and projects in my Data Maverick: Data Analyst Bootcamp program. Plus, how much it costs, and how to sign up and start learning.

If you want to become a data analyst the fastest, most efficient, and most affordable way possible in 2023, this is the program for you.

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Why you should trust my picks

My name is David, and I created this curriculum-based community for my former self.

Back in 2015, I dropped out of school to create my own data science curriculum. I bet on two things:

  • The courses on global EdTech platforms could be cobbled together to create a program better than the one at my local university.
  • Blogging about what I learned via the projects I created could effectively replace my university’s “trusted” credential and a GPA.

I learned more efficiently, saved $30,000+, and gained freedom of location and schedule. The bet struck a note with many and an improved version of my curriculum went viral in 2017. That internet fame caught the interest of industry-leading EdTech companies, and over the next few years, I shaped curricula and taught courses for them.

Since then, I’ve received many messages asking what my latest recommendations for learning skills are, but with the full-time gig I did not have the bandwidth to answer in detail.

I do now. My Data Maverick program is my original curriculum, but:

  • niched down to data analytics (my expertise)
  • smarter (I’ve learned a lot since 2017)
  • with new content from expert instructors (the data education industry has proliferated)
  • with better learning tools (AI-assisted software wins),
  • and with a gamified community (the final piece — incentivize and foster progress).

The future of education is already here, and this my implementation of it.


This curriculum is 90 hours total. It can be self-paced or completed with a cohort in our community.

We have cohorts starting once a month (except for November and December) with 3-hour coach-led group study sessions scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Saturday is a student-only “silent study day.” I’ve found 10 hours per week to be an ambitious and sustainable pace in my time learning and teaching online. At this pace, you will complete the program in 9 weeks.


The prices of some of my recommended courses vary depending on your billing location and how long you take to complete them. Full-time learners in the United States will spend $78 on the courses below (two months of a DataCamp subscription).

I’ve selected data analyst-related articles by Cassie Kozyrkov (Google’s Chief Decision Scientist) and featured them throughout the curriculum. These articles are free.

Let’s begin.

Note: Data Maverick is learner-supported. Some of the links provided below are affiliate links, which means that I will receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

There are three sections in the curriculum: Programming for Data Analytics, Data Analysis in Python, and Data Analysis in SQL. At the end, there is a Certification section where you will complete DataCamp’s Professional Data Analyst Certification.

Programming for Data Analytics

Total time: ~15 hours

As you’ll notice throughout the rest of the curriculum, I favor DataCamp courses. I wrote a full explanation why in this article. The short version is:

I want short videos with automatic grading that delivers targeted feedback when students make a mistake. The goal here [is] to gauge for and maximize completion rate and learning outcome achievement.

DataCamp courses are four hours long and have 3–4 minute videos, then interactive exercises to test and grade video content. Beyond that, they also use a proprietary automatic grading system that points out learner mistakes and guides them to the correct solution. The result is DataCamp courses have completion rates significantly higher than the industry average (60% vs. 15%). I therefore default to DataCamp courses when evaluating a subject area within data science.

I’ve coached students through Python for Everybody (the course above I only recommend to take Chapter 1 from) and they often get stuck and frustrated with ambiguous feedback from that course’s autograder. DataCamp’s autograder does not have this problem, and the instructor and videos are also of high quality so I recommend their introduction to programming courses instead to save you time and frustration. The 2,500+ companies and 80% of the Fortune 1000 that use DataCamp to upskill their teams have likely identified this same value. Let’s continue with the curriculum.

Data Analysis in Python

Total time: ~37 hours

Data Analysis in SQL

Total time: ~37 hours


And that’s my take on the internet’s best curriculum for aspiring analytics pros in 2023. I invite you to join our community to begin forging your journey to data analyst financial freedom.