Want to learn data science in 2021? Here’s the internet’s best curriculum

Curated by David Venturi for the Not a Real Degree community

The process you’ll use to build your new data skills.

Curriculum overview

Term 1: Data Analysis

Term 2: Machine Learning & More

Learn: courses, books, and tutorials

Term 1: Data Analysis

Introduction to Data Science

A video from Data Science for Everyone on DataCamp.

Introduction to Python Programming

Dr. Joyner teaching in Georgia Tech’s Introduction to Python Programming series on edX.

Setting Up Your Computer

The JupyterLab interface, where you can interact with the command line, conda, and Git, as well as do fancy data science as displayed in the notebooks.

Python Data Science Toolbox

Importing Data

Preparing Data

Exploratory Data Analysis


An exercise from Introduction to Statistics in Python on DataCamp.

Data Visualization

More Statistics

The ModernDive website.

Databases & SQL

An exercise from Joining Data in PostgreSQL on DataCamp.

Data Engineering

Data Warehouses & Cloud Computing

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing company.

Analytics Engineering

dbt is pioneering modern analytics engineering.

Term 2: Machine Learning & More

Objects & Algorithms

Introduction to Machine Learning

More Python Programming

Supervised Learning

More Data Visualization

An exercise from Intermediate Data Visualization with Seaborn on DataCamp.

Unsupervised Learning

Introduction to Neural Networks

Data Science Ethics

Scalable Data Science

Built with the PyData ecosystem in mind, Dask and BlazingSQL work nicely together.

Time Series Analysis

Text Analysis

Other Fun Stuff

Frame: blog posts and YouTube videos

Assess: adaptive tests

From the DataCamp Signal white paper: “Assessment results include a score (0–200), a percentile (0%-100%), and an associated knowledge level (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced).”
The screen before you start DataCamp’s Python Programming assessment.
My Python skills measured over time. June 8th: A little rusty. June 9th: After refreshing my skills, I scored 149 (95th percentile). December 24th: Rusty again (plus a little tired). Just like any skill, your data skills can erode over time if you don’t keep them sharp!

Create: self-directed projects

DataCamp Signal telling me my current strengths and skill gaps for Python programming.
How we’ll collaborate in Deepnote.

Career services

How I created the curriculum

Next steps

Curating the internet’s best data science program.