This is Not a Real Data Science Degree

Learn data skills with friends using the internet’s best resources.


Two trends disrupting every industry: 1) Power is shifting from organizations to individuals. 2) Media presence is key. In education, #1 means teachers are free agents. We can source content from the best instructors in the world. #2 means creating content for/with a vibrant community of learners. (Video: Shawn Kanungo, October 2020)

But how will I get a job without a “real” degree?


Becoming an analyst-ML expert hybrid

Python-focused, plus the basics of SQL and R

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The Python logo.

Two terms

Learn → Frame → Assess → Create

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The process you’ll use to build your new data skills.

Time commitment


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NBA superstar Kevin Durant is excited about you driving down the price of education.


Why I’m doing this

Next steps

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